What is Rentlz?

It is a SaaS solution that provides rental cabs for impromptu and emergency transport needs like airport transfers, cab-at-disposal, inter-office, and outstation commute. Our solution automates the entire process, from scheduling an adhoc cab to generating bills while ensuring transparency, ease of communication, and audit traceability.

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Rentlz: For Your Unplanned Travels

Easy Booking Workflow

A separate dashboard for employees and the transport team ensures that different stakeholders can make impromptu bookings without any hassle.

Quick Vendor Assignment

The transport team can assign vendors for multiple trips with just one click. Get notified about the trip status.

Cab Allocation

You can register the cabs in the system and easily assign them for trips. Set and manage a comprehensive list of compliance protocols for drivers and vehicles.

Real-time Cab Tracking

We provide real-time cab tracking for all stakeholders- employees, drivers, and the admin/facilities team, further ensuring safer trips.

On-site Manager Approval

We allow managers to approve last-minute trips via email links.

Trip Merging

Multiple trips can be merged with ease using our solution to optimize cab allocation or manage cab unavailability.

Advantages of Rentlz

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  • Easy process - from booking to reimbursement
  • Reduces hassle in reimbursement
  • Tracks cab location


  • Simple approval process
  • On demand reports on usage

On demand reports on usage

  • Simplifies reimbursement process
  • Simplifies vendor payment process
  • On demand spend consolidation
  • Easier reconciliation as everything is digital

Admin Team

  • Eliminates redundant communication with employees and vendors
  • Efficient management of the transport process
  • Improves safety with real-time tracking
  • Reduces paper process for verification, payment, etc

How does Rentlz Work?

Transport Request

A transport request is raised by the help desk to the facilitirs or the admin team

Finalize Cab

Once the cab is finalized by the admin team, confirmation is shared with the employee

Bill Payment

Payment for the transaction is done either by the employee or the admin team

Cab Details

The Admin team reaches out to the cab partners for vehicle and quotation

Engage Cab

The employee completes the planned trip for the day

Finance Process

The employee applies for a reimbursement and the finance teams accounts in the appropriate cost center

What our customers say


increase in the number of office transport users


“The automation software of MoveInSync has minimized our manual workload and errors. It is proving to be very effective for our daily transportation operations.”

Subramani Raman

General Manager, Administration and Facilities / MiraMed Ajuba, Chennai


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