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The What of Employee Transport

Employee Transport Solutions aims at providing shared cabs for employees to and fro from the workplace giving the option of replacing the solo drive to the employees

The Why of Employee Transport

Employee transport solutions aim at providing shared cabs for employees to the office giving an option of replacing the solo drive hence, saving carbon footprint.

Attracting and retaining employees

Providing transport facility brings convenience and ease to the employee as well as providing a sense that they are important and are being well taken care of.

Work-Life Balance

Employees enjoy better work-life balance as commuting is stress-free, convenient and hassle-free with fixed timings and reliable service.

Productivity and efficiency gains

Increase productivity through enhanced service hours. Employee commute is comfortable and stress-free meaning they will be more efficient and always on time.


By streamlining the commute of your employees, you help reduce a significantly large amount of the carbon footprint in the travel of your employees in the long run.

Reduce Billing hassles

Reduce the hassles of manual billing and reimbursement of transport expenses by opting for a single window for all office commute related bills

Safety and Reliability

With proactive and reactive safety features, multiple contingencies and a nearly perfect uptime, organizations can be sure of safety and reliability

Why MoveInSync you ask?

Because no one knows employee transport better than us. With a decade long experience and being the longstanding market leader as well as one of the earliest movers in the employee transport segment, MoveInSync has the resources, technical diligence, and know-how to help get your employees to the office and back in a safe, reliable and efficient manner.

SaaS is where you get to leverage MoveInSync’s cutting edge technology for commute management at your organization.

Rentlz is where you get an automated Enterprise cab rental platform for all on-call commute requirements at your organization. 

BUS is where you get a seamless experience of handling all the office commute happening via buses. 


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