Full-stack Solutions (FSS)

Integrated Fleet Management

Your Challenges

Struggling with fleet management? Handling multiple vendors and drivers?

Dependency on vendors for data? Challenges with data integrity?

Strenuous cab/driver compliance and EHS?

Challenges enforcing SLA?

Our Offering

Our full-line solution consist of technology-driven workflows, fleet services, and providing manpower for management of ground operations.

We drive operational excellence with a single POC taking ownership of SLAs, complete management of ground operations, driver and fleet management, centralized routing, helpdesk, and command center, EHS & rescue management.


Our Managed Services

Dedicated Transport Help Desk

Trained staff well versed in English and vernacular addresses cab status inquiries, schedule related updates and routing concerns in real time.  The team also publishes periodic reports for insights into operations.

10,500 Queries resolved per month

310,000 Rides handled per month

Centralized Routing

Our centralized Routing Team not only manages but also improves the daily transport operations- from complete transport planning, optimal fleet mix to redressing routing related issues with direct email responses to employee complaints.

While the system provides accurate pickup time based on historical data and Google predictions, our routing experts, backed by periodic reviews, help organizations with policy changes and provide insights for long-term decision making.

200,000 Routes planned per month

< 15 Mins Routing TAT

15% Increase in OTA

Digitized Billing

The Billing Team delivers accurate and repeatable results backed by a tamper-proof billing process. With its data-driven insights, the team also re-negotiates contractual terms with non-complying vendors and minimizes subpar utilization.

11.08 Cr worth of bills processed per month

99.53% Billing accuracy

End-to-End Compliance

Team of experts responsible for induction of drivers and vehicles employs a systematic approach to check all statutory compliance parameters and conducts periodic EHS checks based on which the actual compliance status is represented.

Experts audit, approve or reject all the compliance documents submitted by the ground staff (maker and checker process) ensuring 100% accuracy of data and that only clean, police verified drivers are listed for trip allocation.

30,000 Driver/Vehicle documents managed

95% of Drivers/Vehicles operate with total compliance

700 Digital EHS audits conducted per week

Central Security Command Centre

The Security Command Centre comprises of trained and experienced professionals who monitor employee trips in real time, 24-7-365.

Safety of employees being its primary focus, the team is adept at handling critical alerts with a methodical process based on industry best practices.

The team ensures female employees have been dropped safely via verification from IVR, mobile app and manual calls if required.

220K  Trips monitored per month 

110,000 Drop verifications per month

< 3 Mins for SOS alert closure