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Reduced transportation bill and cost per employee by 27% for an Indian captive of a US MNC

by MoveInSync | March 5, 2020

Business Challenges: 

  1. Time-consuming and error-laden manual route planning
  2. Email communication about schedule by employees
  3. Lack of transport helpdesk or a mechanism for cab-tracking
  4. Dependency on the vendors for cab location & availability information
  5. Manual data collection and entries by vendor supervisors
  6. Inaccurate distance mapping
  7. Low seat utilization due to faulty route planning
  8. No-show leading to leakages
  9. Scheduling errors like inaccurate clubbing and wrong pick up points affected employee satisfaction
  10. Safety issues during travel at odd hours

Business Benefits for Client Post Implementation: 

  1. 24% increase in the number of office transport users due to ease of scheduling and introduction of safety parameters
  2. 13% reduction in billed KMs due to GPS enabled tamper proof trip-sheets
  3. 30% reduction in distance traveled by each employee per month due to effective route planning
  4. 9% decrease in overall transportation cost.


Conclusion:   Post implementation of MoveInSync’s ETS solution, although the overall fleet size remained the same, the average transportation cost per employee decreased by 27%

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