Employee Transportation Solution (ETS)

Enterprise-grade SaaS Platform

The Problem

Un-organized & inefficient employee transportation processes are inept at ensuring employee safety and contribute to superfluous transportation costs.

So, how can organizations ensure employee safety and reduce transportation costs?

The Solution

Technology automating the transport process is the key to operational efficiency and saving man-hours. Why MoveInSync? 


– Greater employee safety
– Reduced average transportation cost
– Improved employee satisfaction

 Employee Transportation Solution (ETS)


Easy Rostering

ETS allows employees to roster themselves both on web and mobile app and SPOCs to edit and schedule their team members. It also provides granular access to transport managers to sync large volumes of schedules through a single window.

Intelligent Routing

The routing program is modeled to maximize employee satisfaction and cost efficiency with the optimal use of the available fleet. Besides its characteristic landmark and deviation-based routing, ETS also supports replication of historic routes and inter-shift copying of routes. The configurable routing engine alleviates < 90% scope for manual intervention, allowing experts to promptly review and modify the routes using an intuitive editor.

Real Time Security Monitoring

Towards creating a secured ethos for employees, ETS maps all the possible threats for an enroute employee into configurable preventive and corrective mechanisms. It offers several risk specific inputs in real-time for the transport security team to translate into action.

Comprehensive Compliance

Our independent Compliance Dashboard, a single window for vehicle and driver compliance parameters and status is manned by a team of specialists who ensure the process is auditable.

In-depth Analytics & Billing

Exhaustive business reports for over 25 important measures help observe and analyze deviations and serve as lead indicators for operational efficiency.

Backed by our in-depth reports, the team also acts as an advisory body for office consolidation and relocation for reduced travel time and improved OTAs.

Our 100% GPS-based solution ensures tamper-proof billing with 99.9% accuracy and reduced TAT for billing cycles.

Employee App

View Profile
Manage pick/drop address
One-touch rostering
Real-time trip notifications
Live tracking of cab
SOS alert button
Cancellation reminder
Contact Driver/THD
Help & Trip feedback
Safe reach confirmation

Driver App

Manage duty hours
View allocated trips
Reject/Accept trip
SOS alert button
Real-time trip updates (addition/deletion of employee)
Last mile navigation to employee location
Secured call conference with employees