Features Of MoveInSync


Efficient Route Optimization

Our patented routing algorithms calculate the optimized routing for the cabs or buses so that there can be maximum employees who can be picked along a route.


Safer Employees

Our solution enhances the safety of all employees during transit by intelligent routing calculation to plan routes that avoid female passengers as first or last pick or drop.


Significant Cost Savings

Our solution leads to the right sizing of the transport capacity and removes any excess vehicles from the fleet. This leads to upto 20% cost savings on the entire transportation costs for your company.


Paperless and Accurate Billing

Our in-cab touchscreen device which we install in all the vehicles, captures the tripsheet in electronic format. Billing becomes more accurate and paperless, saving tons of paper.


Real Time Vehicle Tracking

Our Real time Vehicle Tracking, based on a combination of GPRS & SMS messaging allows to track vehicles even while they are out of coverage area.


Insightful Data Analytics

Our solution provides comprehensive analytics dashboard and extremely useful reports like On Time Arrival Report, Vehicle Utilization Report, No Show .


Comprehensive Vehicle & Driver Compliance

We allow comprehensive vehicle and driver compliance to be maintained by tracking information such as age of vehicles, insurance, road tax, commercial permit and pollution certificate expiry dates and driver background check information. Alerts can be configured to send compliance reminders.


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MoveInSync Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd, 2nd & 3rd Floor, Plot No. 439, 17th Cross Rd, Sector 4, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560102



E mail:sales@moveinsync.com

About Us

MoveInSync helps companies manage their employee transportation in a cheaper and more efficient manner with the use of technology.

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